Macaron Flavours

You will have to order your macarons a day ahead, and you will have to come and pick-up the macarons once you get confirmation the macarons are ready.

There is free delivery for a minimum quantity of 12 macarons, but at this point - only if the distance is less than 1 km from our location.

We are working on packaging to provide safe delivery all over Ontario and it will cost 15 dollars.

We do special orders and macaron design, custom flavours, macaron towers... everything to help you with the events you are planning.

If you want something special, you found the right partner.

Call us, or send us an email today.

In case you suffer from any allergies make sure to consult our allergants table.

Raspberry Macaron

Classic French macaron filled with home made raspberry jam. Simple and delicious. Enjoy.

Grapefruit Americano Macaron

Valrhona Ivoire white chocolate, traces of star anise, grapefruit+orange+lemon juice, Grand Marnier ganache, and a few candied grapefruit 2-3 mm cubes inside the ganache. Enjoy.

Medelice Macaron

Lemon and flaky hazelnut praline. Macaron shell is classic almond and sugar and trace of cacao. Filling is identical as for the lemon macaron with the hazelnut praline square in the middle. Very crunchy and refreshing. Enjoy.

Ispahan Macaron

Delicate, romantic macaron, with sweet floral notes of rose, lychee and raspberry. After first bite will recognize an intoxicating perfume of rose essence, followed by a fruity lychee white chocolate ganache, and the surprise will be waiting for you in the middle: a raspberry puree jelly cube, perfectly balance the sweet white chocolate.

Tiramisu Macaron

Exactly as real tiramisu recipe – The filling is made of mascarpone cheese, eggs, sugar, strong Italian espresso and cacao. Lady-fingers are the actual macaron shells. And there you go – first class tiramisu macaron for you to enjoy.

Plaisir-Sucre Macaron

Some serious work is required to make this little fellow. We start by making our own Gavotte biscuits, then we do hazelnut paste, then transfer that to our home-made gianduja, mix it with crashed biscuits and make lovely crunchy layer that will come in the centre of our milk chocolate ganache. Shells contain dark chocolate and traces of coffee. Enjoy.


Vanilla white chocolate ganache with strawberry in the middle. Ultimate treat for strawberry lovers. Enjoy.

Blueberry Delight Macaron

Fancy version of blueberry macaron. This one treats you with white chocolate ganache mix with freshly squeezed juice from blueberry and raspberry mix. Surprise comes as usual – sugar coated blueberries or blueberry jam cube. Enjoy.

Coconut Macaron

White chocolate ganache mixed with grated coconut.

Pistachio Macaron

Classic macaron shell filled with Valhrona Ivoire white chocolate, pistachio paste ganache.

Chocolate Macaron

Macaron shells infused with lot of dark chocolate. Chocolate ganache filling. Quality with style, and one of my favourites. Enjoy.

Coffee Macaron

Macaron shells, half infused with chocolate another half with coffee. Filled with white chocolate infused with shot of best Italian espresso ganache. It will wake you up. Enjoy.

Salted Caramel Macaron

Macaron shells infused with real coffee, filled with salted caramel. Sweet and decadent. Enjoy.

Lemon Macaron

Lemon cream – French butter cream mixed with fresh lemon juice. Enjoy.

Plenitude Macaron

Chocolate and caramel ganache with added fleur de sel crisp dark chocolate chips. Macaron shells are infused with dark chocolate and coffee. Enjoy.

Arabesque Macaron

White chocolate apricot ganache with praline squares in the centre. Praline squares – (Crashed pistachios, Gavotte biscuits, almond paste, pistachio paste and white chocolate are used to make central crunchy surprise).