Hello all macaron lovers!

We are small specialized boutique for French macarons. Our only goal is to make perfect best tasting macaron. It is on you to confirm that. We are in the heart of Port Credit (flagged on the map). Take a look our macaron flavours.

Currently we are on-line store only. If enough interest we will be happy to expand. Minimum number of macarons per flavour is five. Our boxes are 10, 15, 20, and 25 macarons.


You will have to order your macarons at least day ahead, and you will have to come and pick-up the macarons once you get confirmation the macarons are ready.

There is a free delivery, but at this point - only if the distance is less than 1 km from our location.

We do special orders and macaron design, custom macaron favours - look at our galleries.

Round Piano Macaron Box - 20 macarons
Macaron Tower + Cake
Happy Birthday Card + 12 macarons box
Macarons plate, sweet table
Macarons plate, sweet table
Macarons plate, sweet table
transparent favors 3macarons
Macaron Tower, macaron favours
Macaron Tower

Everything to help you with the events you are planning.

If you want something special, you found the right partner.

Call us at (905) 301-0858, or send us an email.