WorldPride 2014 Toronto

Here is our special PRIDE 2014 series of macarons.

The best way to make the party going. If you would like to have some for the Pride week, make sure you order yours on time. Here are the flavors:

Raspberry macaron

Freshly squeezed raspberries and white chocolate ganache.

Orange macaron

Orange zest, freshly squeezed orange mixed with white chocolate.

Lemon macaron

Lemon zest, freshly squeezed lemon and white chocolate mix.

Mojito macaron

Mix of lime and touch of mint - into white chocolate ganache.

Blueberry macaron

Freshly squeezed blueberries with Cassis liqueur - mixed with white chocolate ganache.

Blackberry macarons

Freshly squeezed blackberries with white chocolate ganache.


We made the box of six macarons, one of each.